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5 Reasons You Can't Ignore App Support

5 Reasons You Can't Ignore App Support

There's little question enterprise development teams are busy. Seventy-six percent of teams report development turnaround times of at least 3 months, while 62 percent have a new development backlog. That pressure is why many companies are facing high levels of innovation rot, or custom applications decreasing in strategic value because of inconsistent support or updates.

Custom web and mobile apps are no small investment, and many enterprises choose custom development to fill mission-critical use cases that aren't supported by commercially-available solutions. However, tech skills shortages or mounting backlogs have made it impossible to perform full-lifecycle support internally at many organizations. Here are five reasons tech teams can't afford to ignore the value of application support services:

1. App Performance Management Matters

Users, workloads, and aging infrastructure can all contribute to application performance issues and, eventually, downtime. The cost of an app that just isn't working is likely higher than you think—large companies lose $686,250 on average for each hour of downtime.

User expectations for uptime are getting higher and downtime is getting costlier, with a gain of at least 81 percent since 2010. Custom application support can enable organizations to avoid the costly issue of app downtime, with proactive maintenance for both application and infrastructure components.

2. There's Value in Monitoring Performance Metrics

Understanding the true performance of your app portfolio can reveal important insights into app health, user behavior, and opportunities for app improvement. If teams can capture these insights, there are often opportunities to increase both the value of existing technology and future projects.

A Managed DevOps service can help teams streamline CD and CI activity, ensure key metrics are tracked like response time, error rate, instance utilization, and offer proactive recommendations on how you can maintain optimal performance. 

3. Security Updates Aren't Optional

Nearly one-third (30 percent) of data breaches last year involved application attacks. What's more, 77 percent of these attacks involved botnets, and 93 percent were motivated by the intent to gain financially from protected data.

If you're not actively monitoring your legacy apps for security vulnerabilities, you could be offering hackers a wide-open door to sensitive data. Managed support can offer crucial, security monitoring throughout the application lifecycle.

4. Your Legacy Investments Aren't a Loss

Your legacy investments aren't destined to die quietly, even if they're heavily customized or complex. With the help of on-demand development and application support, organizations can extend the application lifecycle significantly, rearchitect custom investments for their needs, and move legacy apps to the cloud. 

5. It's Money Well Spent

Commercial application support services likely cost less than you think, and they're certainly money well spent if you consider their value for mitigating risks, maintaining uptime, and protecting investments. Leading managed application support providers offer flexibility and transparent pricing, including both fully-managed support for proactive maintenance and on-demand, on-call support for as-needed services. 

Conclusion: Outsourcing Application Support May Just Make Sense

Proper support of your applications isn't reactive. If you're approaching issues with app performance, security, or adding improvements on an as-needed basis, you're likely missing opportunities to capture the highest returns possible from your custom technology investments. Switching to a proactive model of support can improve performance and user satisfaction.

While the majority of IT pros understand why application support matters, many struggle to balance app maintenance with requests for new development or other priorities. If your organization relies on custom software to support your business operations but lacks the resources for full-lifecycle support, you may be in a position where managed application support is the best option. 

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