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Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing App Support

Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing App Support

So your company has an amazing product or service, and you’re creating an app to engage your customers and get revenue streaming. It might seem smart and cost-effective to keep the work in-house. You are the team of experts, after all—you know the product inside and out and are the ones who can truly make your vision come to life. Right?

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Having an in-house development team provide support can work, but it's often challenging. User demands can be incredibly difficult to keep up with, and they want new features developed and updates rolled out quickly. If an application has a bug, you often have to drop everything and fix it. All of this damage control comes on top of everything else tech teams are responsible for in order to improve ROI and value and keep the company competitive. Outsourcing application support is a great way to deal with these headaches and enhance in-house capabilities, but be smart when choosing the right support team. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Not Checking Their Portfolio

Great application support teams aren’t always great across the board. Make sure you thoroughly research the company or team to get a sense of projects they have successfully completed in the past. You want a company experienced in developing the type of app you are creating. They should be familiar with the different functionalities you need and have worked on interfaces similar to yours.

Choosing the Cheapest Solution

Saving money is a great reason to outsource application support, but going with the cheapest option is rarely the best choice. While you don’t have to work with the most renowned or largest app development company, you do want to look at other factors besides cost (e.g. operational reliability, skill level, experience, and the types of tools and technologies they use). This can help you avoid a sub-par product or support experience.

Working With Poor Communicators

We’re way past the stereotype of tech people having zero social skills who work in windowless rooms filled with wires and devices behind closed doors. They are well-rounded folks, just like anyone on your team, and they should be expected to have excellent communication skills. This is essential in order to develop a successful applciation because it is a collaborative process. They need to communicate that they understand your expectations and needs for the app, and be able to convey any issues or questions they may have.

Outsourcing to Less Advanced Companies

UI/UX is important, and the U.S. is one of the more advanced countries in the world at delivering an awesome app experience to users. Make sure you are outsourcing to a location that has access to the best practices, tech trends and app culture that your users need and expect. You might find a talented and affordable developer, but if they are creating an app based on local customs and interfaces, it might not fly with your audience.

Outsourcing to a Team With a Different Workday

The Internet allows us to work remotely with people all over the planet—which can incredibly beneficial, if you can make it work. Many times, people hire tech companies without considering that they are located in India, Eastern Europe, Asia or somewhere in a vastly different time zone. If you and your outsourced team aren’t online at the same time, it can eat up days or weeks of time as you go back and forth with questions and wait on responses. Consider working with a team that either overlaps with your workday or works in the same time zone.

If you’re planning to outsource application support for your business, be wary of these mistakes. You’ll get the best outcome with a well-researched and thoughtful decision.




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