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On-Demand Application Development

On-Demand Application Development

Companies everywhere are working to satisfy customer demands by developing applications that showcase their brand and provide products, services, and information—whether it’s arranging for grocery delivery, optimizing routes for a tree trimming service, or keeping tabs on your exercise. The need for rapid and ongoing product development has led to a rise in on-demand application development. These pay-as-you-go services offer flexible development capacity to supplement an in-house team or serve as the primary resource for business that don't need full-time staff. 

What Does On-Demand Application Development Really Mean?

On-demand application development is a pay-as-you-go means of hiring a team to build, update, or maintain a custom application for your business. If you have an idea for an application, whether it's a large-scale platform for managing your core business or a simple mobile app to demonstrate and prove out a new idea, we can help you implement it. Having an application that supports your key initiatives and business processes is an important part of being relevant and staying ahead of the competition in today's marketplace. The integrations and functionality required of applications today require solid technology and reliable support. 

We handle application architecture, development, integration, testing, and support to cover the majority of customers' needs through a single service. With our pricing model, you can have a development team on standby for a fixed monthly fee and only engage them as needed. You aren't forced to define a project scope upfront and work through a host of change orders. As needs arise, you submit a new request and Addo engages, quickly and efficiently, to tackle your needs on a per-hour basis. The monthly fee helps us maintain access to your environment and ensure we have capacity available, but the majority of your spending can flex up and down on an hourly basis. 

Let’s take a closer look at what on-demand application development (and support) can help you accomplish.

When to Hire an On-Demand Application Development Service

The businesses that approach us for on-demand services are typically fast-paced and growing. Mid-size to large enterprises have their own IT staff in house but for one reason or another, sometimes they're unable to meet the demands of a business unit. Occasionally, there's a need for a niche skillset but most often, they just don't have enough capacity to react quickly to changing needs or meet aggressive timelines. Small businesses are especially strapped for time and their day-to-day priorities make it difficult to maintain momentum and make progress on a custom application, even if they do have an in-house development team. 

Many challenges arise with developing applications, and it can be hard to manage resources and prioritize the right tasks. An on-demand application development service like Addo's has the capability and capacity to both develop an application and support it. You benefit from having an on-call team that knows your application, so you don’t have to worry about explaining your application's architecture in the middle of a crisis. It also simply helps your team be more successful if they can offload bug fixes or new feature development during periods of high demand.

Our team is equally comfortable interacting with technical staff or directly with product managers responsible for an application's development lifecycle. Overall, our goal is to help you and your business be successful, and we'll do what it takes to help make that happen. Interested in learning more about how we can help you develop and support your custom application? Feel free to send us a note anytime, or call us during business hours, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


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