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Why Customers Aren't Using Your Mobile App

Why Customers Aren't Using Your Mobile App

Investing in a mobile app that lets you connect with your customers is no small undertaking. The average cost of developing a modest app is around $6,400, and creating a complex app could cost you $50,000 or more.

After all of the time, effort and money you put into your app, the worst case scenario is that no one uses it. If you've noticed a decline in app downloads or a significant decrease in the number of interactions, check to see if your app is guilty of one of these cardinal sins:

1. It's Just Not Useful

Bottom line: If the features on your app are too narrow, customers won't use it. As it is, a quarter of app users never open an app more than once. If a customer downloads your app and discovers it's not helpful, they won't waste their precious time on it. Ask yourself if you've conducted enough focus groups or customer surveys to find out what people actually need from your app. Are you delivering?

2. It Crashes or Loads Too Slowly

A whopping 62 percent of users will uninstall an app if it crashes or lags consistently. In other words, customers won't tolerate an app that regularly freezes or closes unexpectedly. The only thing that can make it worse is if you don't address the issues with prompt patches or fixes. Are you regularly testing your app for development issues and reacting quickly to customer complaints about freezing and crashing?

3. Privacy Concerns

Although customers have grown accustomed to providing their information to register a new account, some users grow wary when an app registration form asks too many questions. If customers perceive your app to be intrusive they are unlikely to use it. Are you asking for more information than is necessary? Are you communicating to customers that you value the privacy of their data?

4. Your Onboarding Process Is Subpar

When a customer first downloads your app, their initial reaction should not be one of confusion. You should ensure the flow of the app is intuitive, and that you always offer an easily accessible help section in case it's needed. A clumsy user experience will not attract loyal users. Does your app initiate a friendly onboarding process the first time someone downloads it? Is the registration process quick and helpful?

5. There Are Too Many Notifications

One of the top reasons people uninstall an app is too many annoying push notifications. In fact, at least one study found that more than 70 percent of users said too many notifications was one of the main reasons they uninstall apps from their phone. Be judicious about sending notifications, and always offer users the opportunity to opt out of getting notifications pushed to their screen. Have you taken a hard look at how many notifications you're pushing and how useful they actually are?

Designing and developing an app is one thing, but getting customers to adopt it is quite another. Think of the day your app launches as the end of a sprint, and learning how to make it better as a cross-country race. Great apps evolve often to refine the user experience and add new functions customers actually need. If you take customer feedback seriously and create an app that works as promised, you can start to build a loyal user base. 




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