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Choose a month-to-month arrangement for the most flexibility,
or access the team 24/7 with a one-year committment.

Hire a team



Monthly Fee
Hourly Rate


Response SLA


Submit Requests via
Authorized Requestors



Monthly Fee 1,000
Hourly Rate 135


Hours Monday - Friday,
9 am to 5 pm EST
Holidays Excluded**
Response SLA 1 day


Submit Requests via Email/Portal
Authorized Requestors Up to 3



Monthly Fee 1,500
Hourly Rate 120


Hours Monday - Friday,
9 am to 5 pm EST
Holidays Excluded**
Response SLA 4 hours


Submit Requests via Phone/Email/Portal
Authorized Requestors Up to 15



Monthly Fee 4,500*
Hourly Rate 115


Hours 24/7/365
Holidays Included
Response SLA 30 minutes


Submit Requests via Phone/Email/Portal
Authorized Requestors Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the monthly fee and hourly rate work?

The monthly fee ensures our team is ready to respond to your requests. If you have an active subscription, you’re able to submit new requests. This fee is charged regardless of the number of requests you submit each month. Each request you submit is then worked and billed at your subscription level’s respective hourly rate.

How soon can I begin submitting requests?

You can submit requests immediately after completing the sign-up process. Please keep in mind, requests for ongoing support typically require the completion of an onboarding process. This ensures we have everything we need to support your application(s), including proper credentials.

Does Addo provide estimates for each request?

We do not. However, we ensure hours worked are updated each day. As each request is worked, you’re free to make the determination whether you’re realizing value at the current spend or not. Feel free to pause or cancel a request at any time, and you’ll only be responsible for hours worked up to that point.

How fast will my request be completed?

We strive to complete every request as quickly as possible. In fact, because of our pricing model, we’re incentivized to complete your request efficiently, as we maintain a higher, effective hourly rate. When you submit a request, we ask that you indicate any hard or soft deadlines. We’ll be sure to let you know if they can’t be met. Of course, you won’t be charged the hourly rate if we must decline a request.

How will I be billed if I start/end mid-month?

When you start your subscription, we’ll prorate the amount so you only pay for the remaining days in the month. When you cancel, your open requests will continue to be worked and billed unless you opt to cancel them as well. Also, you’ll have access to submit new or modified requests through the end of the month in which you cancel. We do not provide refunds for partial months or subscription level downgrades.

Why isn’t phone access included for all plans?

We believe we can offer a more consistently responsive service when we communicate with our clients electronically. Doing so also provides a record of all communication, making it easier for everyone in our company to understand the status of a request. Business and Enterprise subscription levels include phone access primarily to handle more complex requests.

What is a response SLA?

A response Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the longest amount of time you can expect before we confirm receipt of your request. When you receive a response, it means the team is actively reviewing your request to determine next steps.

Who are authorized requestors?

Authorized requestors are those individuals authorized by you to submit requests that will be billed to your account. Each requestor must have a unique email address that you approve. Auto-generated emails sent to us from notification systems are included in the limit (e.g. noreplyalert@addo.io).

How many requests may I submit?

You may submit as many as you want! As long as a request originates from the primary or an authorized email address, it will be responded to and worked.

Can I limit my spending?

Yes, you may set spending limits by account and/or by authorized user. Keep in mind, for ongoing support scenarios, it may make sense to set higher spending limits but setup alerts at lower thresholds.

Is there a minimum spend per month?

The minimum your account will be billed each month is the monthly fee determined by your subscription level. You will be billed this amount regardless of the number of requests you submit.

How often will I be billed?

At a minimum, you will be charged the monthly fee each month. Billable hours accumulated working requests are posted daily but charged every two weeks. This gives you an opportunity to review the hours before you are charged. Invoices will be generated and marked as paid each time a charge is made.

What payment methods are accepted?

A credit card is required to create and validate a new account, but ACH and Bitcoin payments are accepted as well for all future transactions. To change your payment method, call us during business hours. We do not provide in-house credit, support purchase orders, nor support invoicing.

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