We develop, integrate, and support custom applications.

You won’t find an exhaustive list of what we will or won’t do. It’s simple—if
your request involves our supported technologies, we have you covered.

Application Support


Custom software is often developed to support critical business operations, filling in gaps left by commercial solutions.

If designed and supported well, it can serve a business with a flexibility unmatched by SaaS offerings or off-the-shelf software.

Over time, though, development resources may move on to other projects, with competing priorities making ongoing maintenance and support a challenge.

How We Help

Our team can assume those responsibilities, providing both proactive application support and managing underlying infrastructure.

With our pricing model, Addo’s managed services are equally effective for occasional, on-demand support.

Either way, you’ll have a responsive team on call that’s familiar with your environment—at transparent prices and with full control over your spending. Contact us to learn more.


We’ve helped companies support legacy applications, integrating them into modern environments and optimizing them for scale.

We’ve supported highly customized versions of commercial software.

Our team has migrated custom applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, too, re-architecting them to utilize the robust services both platforms offer beyond simply hosting.

Enterprise DevOps


Many companies struggle with partial implementations of the self-service model and limited automation, slowing down resource provisioning and development cycles.

Others may feel too overwhelmed with their application's or environment’s complexity to even consider moving to a continuous integration, continuous deployment delivery model.

How We Help

We provide managed DevOps to support your continuous delivery and continuous integration workflows, configuring tools and introducing processes to automate your team's routine tasks.

We’ll step through your development process and help you understand where tools like Jenkins and Docker make sense.

Contact us to learn more.


We’ve built and managed staging, QA, and development environments to support the application development lifecycle.

Our team has created custom deployment scripts and AMIs, automating service and infrastructure provisioning.

We’ve also supported automated testing, helping to minimize bugs and application downtime.

On-Demand Development


When it comes to application development, it seems managing resources and competing priorities are recurring challenges.

Business needs change quickly, and it can be tough to keep up with aggressive timelines and fluctuating demand.

How We Help

Addo provides on-demand development capacity, helping you tackle acute issues and adding velocity to your sprints.

With a team on call that knows your application, you can skip lengthy explanations—we’ll start fixing a bug or adding a new feature in as little as 30 minutes.

Contact us to learn more.


We’ve helped a client build a new comping module for their web application.

We’ve also written scripts to securely migrate a file server over the Internet.

We’ve migrated a field sales application with iOS, web application, and console components to a new backend database architecture, transforming and cleaning up data in the process.

System Integration


Finding the right team to integrate systems or migrate legacy applications to a new environment can be a challenge.

They need to learn and understand how your business operates and have the skills to translate that knowledge into an efficient, sustainable integration path—whether for an individual application or an entire portfolio.

How We Help

Addo provides system integration services, backed by our experience tackling the unique needs of mergers and acquisitions.

Successfully integrating disparate systems or migrating legacy applications means having architect-level technical leadership, skilled developers, and properly managing complexity.

Our combination of infrastructure and development expertise gives us an edge. Contact us to learn more.


We’ve played key roles in migrating custom and third-party applications for enterprise clients.

We’ve updated and migrated external-facing web applications for securely sharing files via HTTPS and SFTP, setup AWS infrastructure for early testing, and migrated terabytes of data and millions of files.

Our team has also managed third-party resources and coordinated internal and external infrastructure changes to support our efforts.

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